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Web Site Evaluation Lesson

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

During the year you will be asked to conduct research in American History, English, and yes, Media.  Now you are asking yourself, "What sources can I use?  How will I know if my source is reliable?  I guess I'll just go on the Internet." 

Oh-oh, pitfalls await you on World Wide Web

is you're not careful!                           

Often times  we go on the Internet, do a Gopher search and rely on the browser to choose the best sites for us.

Your Mission is to examine several websites based on Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, which we will be reading in class and evaluate their usefulness in an investigation as to why Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible, and how it reflects the 1950's as well as the 1600's (We will discuss this in class; you don't need to write anything from these pages, but you will need to read the information).  Print three copies of the  worksheet and evaluate the sites from the following list of  URL's.

  1.  Arthur Miller's The Crucible:  Fact or Fiction

  2. Hysteria & Ideology in The Crucible

  3. The Crucible: Context

Please check the classroom board for the due date.