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Name ___________________Period ______________


    1.  Web site URL = http:// __________________________________

        What is the domain? __ .com  __ .org  __ .net __ .edu  __ .gov

    2.  Name of web site _____________________________________

    3.  Authority of author  or producer of web site (check bottom of site)

        Who wrote this site? ___________________________________

        Is the author or producer an expert in his/her field?

        Does the author or producer list his/her sources __________

        Can you contact the author/producer/site?  check all that apply

        ____ E-mail address     __Telephone number  ___ Mailing address

    4.  Date of web site

            When was the site last updated? ________________

 Do you consider the site to be up-to-date?  Why or why not? __________________________________________________

5.  Content of web site

   Is there advertising? ______ If yes, is the advertising distracting? ____

6.  Design of the web site

   Are there links?  ____ If yes, are they active? ___

Is the site easy to understand?  Why or why not?


Are there frequent spelling, grammar or punctuation errors? ___

7.  Purpose of the web site

   __ Inform/educate  __ Persuade  __Advertise/Sell  __Entertain

8.  Your opinion:  Explain why this web site is useful or is not useful for the topic your are investigating? ____________________________________



9.  Rate this site:  (Check One) __ Should be avoided  

__ Content doubtful    __Use with Caution    __Good basic information    __Excellent for assignment

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