Threads of Change in 19th Century America


Your first job is to develop a personal definition of Abolitionism.  The following sites will be helpful:

William Lloyd Garrison 

Modern perspective on abolitionism 

Write down your definition.  This definition will become a part of your company's museum presentation.  (rubric)

Now investigate the sites below for examples which best illustrate the Abolitionist movement in America. You must choose four examples which may include:  literary works,  artwork, music or artifact.  Be sure to cite your work.  You need a minimum of four sources

Prominent People

Theodore Parker:  a case against slavery

Frederick Douglass

An appeal to Congress for impartial suffrage by Frederick Douglass

William Lloyd Garrison article from "The Liberator" 

Harriet Beecher Stowe on meeting Sojourner Truth 

Historical Perspective


Additional Sites for Slavery Information

Slave Narratives and Uncle Tom's Cabin 

Emancipation Proclamation


Digital images of African Americans in 19th century



Harriet Powers, African American quilter

African slave experience in Art


Negro spirituals: