Threads of Change in 19th Century America


Your first job is to develop a personal definition of Feminism.  The following sites will be helpful:

Women Past and Present 

Library of Congress site 

Historical Text Archive Women's History    

Declaration of Sentiments                                      

Write down your definition.  This definition will become a part of your company's museum presentation.  (rubric)

Now investigate the sites below for examples which best illustrate the Feminist movement in America. You must choose four examples which may include:  literary works,  artwork, music or artifacts.  Be sure to cite your work.  You must have a minimum of four sources.

Prominent Figures

 Susan B. Anthony
Theodore Parker: sermon on rights of women
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Lucretia Mott
Nellie Blye
Margaret Fuller
Emily Dickinson

Harriet Beecher Stowe on meeting Sojourner Truth 


Historical Perspective

National Women's History Project
Women's Rights National Historical Park, Seneca Falls, New York
Declaration of Sentiments
Girl's magazine from 19th century 
Women's colleges founded in the 19th century 


National Museum of Women in the Arts 19th century collection
Mary Cassatt