Threads of Change in 19th Century America


Your first job is to develop a personal definition of Transcendentalism.  The following sites will be helpful:

Concord Magazine, Concord, MA
Emerson on transcendentalism
Discussions on transcendentalism

Write down your definition.  This definition will become a part of your company's museum presentation.  (rubric)

Now investigate the sites below for examples which best illustrate the Transcendentalist movement in America. You must choose four examples which may include:  literary works,  artwork, music or artifact.  Be sure to cite your work.  You must have a minimum of four sources.

Literary Figures

A. Bronson Alcott
Margaret Fuller 
"The Arts in Concord" gives links to author's associated with the movement and their writings
Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and background
Theodore Parker
Emily Dickinson 



19th century art from the Metropolitan Museum in NYC

Artists of the Hudson River School 

Thomas Cole$Search?list&=1&=Thomas+Cole&=And&=Yes&=&=&=&=Yes&=Yes&=f

Winslow Homer 

Music:  You may also use any CD of classical music which you feel represents this period.  Below are a list of possible composers and some midi examples of their works; listening to these sites is dependent upon the capabilities of your computer.

Fredrick Chopin

Robert Schumann

Piotr Tchaikovsky 

Franz Schubert